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In some cases ` patients fearful of the dental chair will actually endure oral pain to the point of infection just to avoid the anxiety they experience during a procedure. name` at clinic` is proud to offer sedation dentistry so that patients can maintain their healthy smiles without feeling anxious or uncomfortable. 

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Sedation dentistry may also be used to complete lengthy procedures such as multiple fillings or wisdom tooth extraction. Patients who are sedated during a dental procedure do not feel the time passing and are much more relaxed and at ease. 

Sedation Dentistry has proven to be a great tool enabling fearful dental patients receive the care necessary in order for a healthy smile to last a lifetime. Don't let anxiety prevent you from having a healthy, confident smile.

At clinic`, name`discusses all procedures one on one with each patient so there are no surprises and no uncertainty. Any questions or concerns you may have will be prompty addressed so that you may receive the quality care you deserve and feel comfortable knowing exactly what you can expect from treatment. 

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